Live Edge Oak Slabs was established after my wife and I realized we needed to have one of our “grandfather” Pin Oak trees on our property taken down do to decay from the inside out. The arborist thought it best  to turn this beautiful giant tree into fire wood. But with a remaining stump that measured 72” in diameter, there had to be a better option.  

Today we have nearly 40 slabs varying in shape and size any where from  6’x2’x2.5” thick to 10’x42”x3.75” thick.  We had one goal for this tree and that was to make a dining room table as a keepsake of this tree harvested only 20’ from our sitting porch.  

Our hope now is that many of you could be blessed with beautiful pieces in your homes as well. These slabs are from some the few remaining trees original to the historic Conrad Weiser Homestead in Womelsdorf, PA.  If you are interested in any of these slabs feel free to contact us about any of the oak slabs.

Slab Info:

Slabs  are a natural wood product that may develop character in the form of  checking, splitting, cracking, warping, bending, twisting, cupping, etc.  These are natural occurrences and  are not considered defects.

Slabs  are typically shown in a wet and rough state, photographed shortly  after cutting, to show grain, color and a finish-like appearance. The original picture may not show all current  cracks or levelness of the slab as some character may have developed after the picture was taken. We  try our best to update or remove slabs if the developed character is  beyond reasonable, but we will gladly send updated pictures upon request  prior to  your purchase.

Slabs are Air Dried unless stated otherwise.